Sightseeing Phuket

See all of the extremely beauty of thePhuket beaches and islands with the excitement of a helicopter ride. Phuket beaches are some of the best in the world, beautiful coastline contorts into various sizes and shapes. Please don't miss to see how beautiful they are by helicopter bird's eye view.

Heliluck Aviation takes you on an exciting and memory of the best offer :

  • Route : Patong Beach / 10 mins
  • Route : Lam Prom Thep / 15 mins
  • Route : Phuket Town & East Beaches / 20 mins
  • Route : Lam Prom Thep& Mai Thon Island / 30 mins
  • Route : Lam Prom Thep& Mai Thon Island& Phi Phi Island / 60 mins

Note – For route less than 30 mins, we required 2 booking trips continuously.