Helicopter Model Services Price (Baht/Min/flight)
VIP Charter Flight / Sightseeing Flight
Aerial Film / Photo / News
Included Price Cineflex V14HD Gyro Camera and Camera Man,
   Fujinon HA 42 x 9.7 mm, Zoom 1,630 mm. Digital HD.
   AJ-HPM200 Mobile AVC-Intra/DVCPRO HD/50/25 P2
1,333 Baht/Min
2,083 Baht/Min

R44 Raven II Newscopter
Charter Flight/During Long Flight Ferry/Aerial Photo
Aerial Film / News
Included Price Ikegami HD Gyro Camera and Camera Man
Specs: Gyro-Stabilized, Ikegami HDL-F25i, 1080i, 1920 x 1080 pixels,
   HD Canon 22x Zoom Lens, 7.6 mm.
   AJ-HPM200 Mobile AVC-Intra/DVCPRO HD/50/25 P2
900 Baht/Min
1,250 Baht/Min

R44 Raven II
R44 Clipper II
Sightseeing / Charter Flight
Aerial Photo
800 Baht/Min
800 Baht/Min
   *Price excluded 7% VAT. This package requires a minimum of 30 minutes.